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Our Story

Rivka Schreiber and Evan Hershenson met in early 2008. While this is not your typical love story, you will soon see that a lot of love has gone into creating and growing the NYC-based children's fashion boutique: Frenchie Mini Couture.

Rivka had been working in the children's clothing industry throughout the New York and New Jersey area for over 25 years, primarily as a Sales Rep, selling to independent mom and pop stores of all sizes. She was repetitively valued throughout her experiences for high attention to detail, incredible fashion taste and raising the bar for expectations surrounding "quality" in the industry. After playing consecutive, instrumental roles in other companies' success, Rivka's entrepreneurial spirit came alive to bring a new children's clothing line to life. She began searching for the right business partner to help leverage her talents- and knew she found the perfect match with business & strategy consultant Evan- introduced below. Rivka is married with two children (who are about the same age as Evan) and is also a proud grandmother of four grandchildren!

Evan's professional experience is rooted in business and strategy consulting. After working at Deloitte Consulting for five years, he joined a friend and got his feet wet in the baby and children's clothing industry. Evan's innate, entrepreneurial "itch" to start something from scratch, combined with his passion for the shmata (garment) business, led him to be the perfect fit for Frenchie Mini Couture! His grandfather owned four high-end men's retails stores in and around Indianapolis, Indiana. He made custom suits for celebrities such as Cesar Romero (the original Joker in Batman), Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong and many others. You could say that clothing was just in his blood! Evan is married to an amazing wife and together they have a beautiful daughter who is almost 2 years old with another baby on the way!

Many people assume that the Frenchie Mini Couture duo is a Mother / Son team – and while biology itself does not corroborate that – our family-centric culture certainly validates the assumption! Most of our team members are working mothers. If you come to our offices in midtown Manhattan, you may see some of Rivka's grandkids running around; or you may see children of our designers hanging out and coloring. You may even see Rivka and Evan bickering like close family… though it's usually just Evan telling Rivka to clean her desk!

In any event, this pair clicked, and together they named and created their very own brand, Frenchie Mini Couture. In 2009, Frenchie MC was launched as a wholesaler with a focus on accessories, including bibs and hooded towels. All of the designs are done in the US. Manufacturing is executed at our fantastic factories in China and Thailand.

Stores were immediately impressed with the quality, price and level of detail that went into each item of the Frenchie Mini Couture line. Frenchie MC is consistently praised for having the BEST bibs on the market. As time went on, stores were requesting more products; and Frenchie expanded into apparel for boys followed by the creation of a girls collection.

At Frenchie Mini Couture, we strive to be the best in all areas. We pride ourselves on having high quality products at affordable prices. A lot of hard work goes into designing and making each garment. Our main factory in China is also a family-owned operation. We visit the factories often, and it's always amazing to see how our computer artwork turns into a wearable garment!

From our design team, to the people sewing your garment, to our warehouse that ships you the item, we all are personally connected to every step in the process. We hope your child enjoys wearing our products and encourage you to share your pictures and experiences with Frenchie Mini Couture with the world through social media! We also welcome your comments and feedback. We're always looking to improve and grow and your satisfaction is extremely important to us.

Why a logo with a Poodle and a Bulldog?

Many people have asked why we chose a poodle and a bulldog for our logo. The story goes something like this: Rivka has always loved animals. She has rescued many dogs and cats in her lifetime, so she definitely has a soft spot for pets! In Rivka's mind, she always envisioned a French Poodle as a business logo. Poodles are sophisticated, elegant and hardworking dogs that are especially reputable for loyalty. The French Bulldog is a fun, loving companion dog, that is generally playful and easy going. We both thought these characteristics reflected the goals for ourselves as business leaders, and the brand vision for our new venture. Plus- who doesn't love pups? And just like that, Frenchie Mini Couture was born.

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